Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras

13 Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras with a custom lens configuration allow for 4k stitched resolution at 60 fps and 13 stops of dynamic range. This powerful camera is optimized for stereoscopic capture with its compact size, tri-sync genlock, timecode sync, and unified controls.

Monitoring and Controls

The monitoring and control unit provides a live feed of each camera and all camera controls at your fingertips, even in swim mode. With VRTUL 2 we have separated the monitoring and camera controls from the camera head to improve hydrodynamics and to increase ease of use. It’s never been easier to get the perfect shot.

Omnidirectional Audio Capture

A single hydrophone provides another way to capture and experience the underwater world.

Streamlined Operation

VRTUL 2’s ergonomics allow for efficient streamlined operation in demanding environments. Re-routing all 13 SD cards to a common location and providing easy access to batteries mean that VRTUL 2 can be ready in mere seconds.

Dual-Mode Operation

VRTUL 2’s mounting options allows for both swim mode and static mode (whether attached to a shark cage, reef, or tripod). In swim mode the swim pole rests between the camera pairs allowing the pole to virtually disappear in the final stitch. In static/tripod mode the tripod attaches between two down facing cameras. This significantly reduces the amount of paint work that is required to remove the tripod.

Post-Production Optimized

The VRTUL 2 has been designed from the ground up to enable efficient post-production. All cameras receive the same sync and timecode signal, meaning that you will never have to hunt for a sync point again or try and correct camera drift. Recording in DNG RAW allows you to avoid sub-sampling issues or H264 compression, providing ultimate flexibility all the way through post.